Ethan Ardelli



Drummer and composer Ethan Ardelli has been one of Canada’s most acclaimed jazz musicians for more than a decade. Always a cultural omnivore, Ardelli has sought out inspiration in a wide variety of places, from art house films to classical composition and music from around the world, in particular the music of Cuba.  

After playing in many notable Canadian bands (David Virelles, Brian Dickinson, Nancy Walker, and Darren Sigesmund), Ardelli was primed to become a bandleader.

Since 2014, Ethan has been leading his own ensemble showcasing his original compositions. The quartet features saxophonist Luis Deniz, pianist Chris Donnelly, and bassist Devon Henderson.  

His debut album, The Island of Form, is a showcase for Ardelli’s highly developed compositional skills and drumming prowess. The album was recorded by James Farber, the engineer behind many touchstone jazz recordings, including works by Michael Brecker, Joe Lovano, and Brad Mehldau.

As well as leading his own ensemble, Ethan is a member of the Darren Sigesmund Quintet, Nancy Walker Quintet, Alexander Brown Sextet, Brian Dickinson Trio, and the Harley Card Quintet. Ethan is on faculty at the University of Toronto as well as the Humber College Community Music Program.

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Ethan Ardelli - "The Island of Form" (2018)

Luis Deniz - alto saxophone, Chris Donnelly - piano, Devon Henderson - bass, Ethan Ardelli - drums


Harley Card - “The Greatest Invention” (2017)

Harley Card - guitar, David French - tenor saxophone, Matt Newton - piano, Jon Maharaj - bass, Ethan Ardelli - drums


Darren Sigesmund - “Jigtok“ (2016)

Darren Sigesmund - trombone, Mark Feldman - violin, Gary Versace - piano and accordion, Jim Vivian - bass, Ethan Ardelli - drums and percussion